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Refund Policy

<p>Returns/Refund Policy</p>

<p>Party Creations will place a compulsory refundable deposit on all goods. The refundable deposit will start at R500 and will increase depending on the value of goods rented out by the customer</p>

<p>This refundable deposit is to cover any breakages/losses that may occur</p>

<p>Upon return of goods, deductions will be made for any shortages/breakages/damages and any balance remaining from the refundable deposit will be paid into the clients account</p>

<p>No cash is kept on site and thus refundable deposits may only be paid electronically</p>

<p>Refundable deposits take 3-5 working days after return of goods to be paid into clients account</p>

<p>Refundable deposits may not be used as payment towards orders/transferred between orders</p>